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First, security personnel can not be beaten, humiliated, and public search for the body of others during their duty, and can not limit the freedom of others.
Second, in the training process of security personnel for each post, it will teach you to identify the true and false documents, but the security personnel have no right to confiscate others' documents and not to detain other people's property.
Third. When the public security organs carry out their tasks in their field, the security personnel should cooperate actively and effectively help, and can not prevent the public security organs from doing business in accordance with the law.
Fourth, the security personnel have not been approved by the relevant leadership, can not be privately released monitoring video, more can not copy, delete or spread monitoring video and related information.
Fifth, training for security personnel in accordance with a series of laws and regulations in the country to let them know their behavior is legal. More security industry knowledge, please pay attention to the safety of everyone.
Sixth, the state secrets, business secrets and private secrets of security personnel must be kept confidential, not to disclose customer information, and not to infringe on the right to privacy of others.
Seventh, if someone has to pick up a wallet and so on for safekeeping, it is necessary to find the owner actively, and the original number is returned, and there can not be a private finance or an act of occupying the property of others.
Eighth, security personnel should not be late and leave early during work, but they can not read, read newspapers, read novels, smoke or chat while they are on duty.
Ninth. During the duty period, the appearance of the security personnel must comply with the prescribed requirements, and there should be no tidy appearance and bad clothing.