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Have you ever been to a star concert site? You know that kind of fanatical atmosphere, you will know the crowding and noise of the scene. In fact, you never know that there are so many people who are not interested in the concert at the concert, but still stick to the performance in silence, and there are so many people who want to shout I love you and stop the people who are too excited on the scene. They are the security guards on the scene.
Actually, the performance site is one of the fast gathering places. Suddenly, the total population of every land in China has been rubbed up. On the scene of the performance, large stage construction needs a lot of equipment and equipment. Once the accident is dangerous, even if the possibility is eliminated, the possibility of the stampede is very high, so the place where people have many people must pay attention to safety and order. This is also a prerequisite for on-site maintenance personnel.
It is often seen that some campus or crowds of crowds will have the people who come to sell them, take a small crowded stage, and start a hustle and bustle similar to the auction. At this time, the crowd will be swarmed by the natural swarms. In fact, the small stage is very narrow, but it is more dangerous. A group of people feel like the wolf who saw the lamb like ignoring the sensibilities of berserk.
Such a small stage should be more needed to maintain the order of the performance of the security personnel, and if it only hurt the people's words because of their own profit, it is not worth the loss. But a lot of businessmen don't think so. In their world, all things are floating clouds. Two events that did not conflict at all may be just because a dispute about money would make them start to ignore it. As far as the small stage is not to be said, in terms of the school, many of the activities in the school are carried out in order to maintain order, and the volunteers may also be the security of the school.
If everyone can pay attention to social order, maybe the world will be better. The emergence of the security has indeed laid a solid base for this, and we seem to have a lot of confidence when we walk on the road, because they are excellent, they are the guardians created by strict training, and they smile at the source of the fuse, as if to believe that the world will be better and indeed it is.
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