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Appearance requirement: when the security guards are on duty, the uniform and the instrument are clean and tidy.
The spirit of the requirements: security personnel on duty, full of energy, radiant, warm duty, not doze off, smoking, drinking, lack of energy... Wait for things.
On duty: the attitude of all employees and impartial law enforcement, businesslike.
Details of Duty: security personnel's appearance, conversation and manner are the first impression to guests. The leader of security team should be strict with the team members.
According to the table: the duty of security on duty shall not leave, on post, without security leader approval, shall not transfer classes, and top class holiday.
Handover work: do a good job of safety production in class and record the work of handover.
Abide by the rules and earnestly exercise supervision authority, defend the safe and civilized production, publicity and education workers disciplined, ensure safety in production. It has the right to stop the act of violation of rules and regulations, and to discover and eliminate unlawful and unsafe factors in time.
Strict surveillance: closely monitoring the surrounding areas to prevent the undesirable attempts of suspected members, and at any time inform the managers at all levels and the public security organs at all levels.
Water control: to master the water quantity of each reservoir in the factory area and adjust the supply of tap water according to the situation.
Lighting control: at 23:30 p. m. lights and lights out of the whole factory area. And ensure the nighttime peace of the dorm.
Guests visit: the guard on duty is not allowed to chat with the visitor in the guard's room. Talk to the public not more than 2 minutes.
Emergency treatment and reporting: to discover the hidden danger of the accident immediately to the superior and assist in the implementation of the countermeasures. In case of accidents, especially sudden accidents, we should call the police in time and rescue the injured.
Safety in factory area: the safety of the factory is the common responsibility of all the employees. It is found that those who influence the property and staff safety of the factory immediately notify the security guards, and assist the security guards to eliminate the matter, so as to ensure the safety of people, things and things in the factory.
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