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The guards can maintain a good order, find that problems can be solved in time, and ensure the safety of their personal and property. The safety responsibilities of general gatekeeper are very large. They need a series of checks to avoid the loss of materials and data, and at the same time, do not let irrelevant people put dangerous goods inside, etc., all of which need security guards to complete.
Security responsibilities have several responsibilities: registration with entry-exit personnel, inspection of articles, and avoidance of loss of material. Registration and inspection of large and small vehicles to ensure internal facilities and prevent thieves and thieves.
It can ensure that the door is clear to see the coast. If someone is blocked or vehicles do work in time, if someone asks to do things with the relevant leaders and departments, if there is temporary or mass sales, persuade them to leave.
Find out the suspicious event, first report to the unit, contact the public security department, do a good job. When the work is found, the customer unit has some negligence or loopholes in the security, timely notice, take effective measures to eliminate the hidden danger. Security responsibilities are not perfunctory, serious, dedicated, and responsible, which is very important.
Attention should be taken when you are on duty. You can't just look at the surface. At the same time, we should think more, think more, analyze things in detail, have illegal places, and have no illegal places. Work in your own field or situation.
Security company security personnel should be careful when checking work, such as license plate number, certificate, material and so on to be taken seriously, can not pass any place. The key is to be civilized on duty, dress neatly, respectfully, and have a good mental state. When things can't be dirty, they can't be too excited, can't do degrading personality, avoid chatting, do private affairs and so on.