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First, provide global advanced security services for large-scale activities, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sports events, businesses, business leaders and celebrities, and provide a full process safety protection program to ensure personal safety and ensure the success of the activities.
二是为个人、团体的商务陪同、旅游陪同、家政安全。保障你的旅途安全、商务安全、家庭安全。服务对象为个人豪宅、重点店铺、特殊条件下的一般家庭,时间一般为中长期。为家庭成员排除安全隐患。为老人,子女及业主提供安全接送。负责出游客户的人身安全,全程监护, 安全照料,酒店的预定,出游地的景点选择,安全路线分析,现场事故的急救等。
The two is for the business escort of the individual and the group, the escort of tourism and the safety of domestic affairs. Ensure your journey safety, business security, and family safety. The service object is the personal house, the key shop, the general family under the special condition, the time is generally medium and long term. To exclude security risks for family members. Provide safe delivery for the elderly, children and owners. Responsible for personal safety, full supervision, safety care, hotel reservation, scenic spots selection, safety route analysis, on-site accident first aid, etc.
The three is the whole process pick up of the important customers of the group and the enterprise. The identity of the service object is special, the specification and the grade are higher, and the time is generally medium and short term.
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