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一、在处理意外情况时警卫人员应留意的问题:  在处理各种意外情况时要随时寻求警卫目标的定见,并留意警卫目标的安全,当警卫目标自动与对方和谐时,要尤为留意,避免警卫目标与对方争吵,适当的转移论题,尽量和平解决。对方态度恶劣时,要留意调查对方的四肢,避免对方做出突然袭击。能自己处理的自己自动处理,并将成果汇报警卫目标,处理前要寻求警卫目标定见。自己不能处理的问询警卫目标的处理定见,然后施行。
First, when dealing with unexpected situations, security personnel should pay attention to the following issues: when dealing with various unexpected situations, they should always seek to determine the security objectives, and pay attention to the safety of security objectives. When the security objectives are automatically in harmony with each other, they should pay special attention to avoid the quarrel between security objectives and the other party, properly transfer the topic and try to solve it peacefully. When the other side has a bad attitude, we should pay attention to investigating the other side's limbs, so as to avoid the other side making a sudden attack. Can handle their own automatic processing, and the results will be reported to the security target, before processing, to seek security target determination. Inquire about the disposition of the guard's target that you can't handle, and then implement it.
二、警卫目标理发时警卫人员应留意的问题:  理发店人比较多成分杂乱,警卫人员调查时要有要点,并且此时的选位就显得非常重要,要挑选能够调查到全场有能快速接近警卫目标的方位,理发师在运用工具时要尤为留意如(剪刀,刮胡刀,电线等),当警卫目标有来电时,要提示理发师稍等一下,要自然,对理发师要礼貌,待警卫目标接打完电话后在答应其继续,好跟常去的理发店的理发师留好联系方式,便于客户下次理发时让理发师作好安排和招待。
2. The problems that the guards should pay attention to when hairdressing the guard's target: the barber shop is more complicated and disorderly, the guards should have the key points when investigating, and at this time the location selection is very important. The barber should pay special attention to the position that can quickly approach the guard's target in the whole hall, such as scissors, razors, wires, etc. when using the tools, when the guard's target is there. When calling, you should remind the barber to wait for a moment. Naturally, be polite to the barber. When the guard's target answers the phone, he should promise to continue. It's better to keep in touch with the barber in the regular barber's shop so that the barber can make arrangements and entertain the next time the customer gets a haircut.
三、当警卫目标乘坐的车子到加油站加油时警卫人员应留意的问题:  当警卫目标乘坐的轿车到加油站加油时,警卫人员应站到车外,有司机的情况下,司机担任加油,警卫人员车门外亲近调查周围情况,没有司机的情况下警卫人员在加油的同时,亲近调查周围情况,加油站归于高危险区域,加完油后等到加油站工作人员离轿车有必定距离时警卫人员再进入车内离开。一般情况下,尽量不要在中途加油,提早将车子加满油。车子在行进中要将车门上锁,尤其是在市区内行进时。
3. The problems that the guards should pay attention to when the car on which the guard is aiming arrives at the gas station for refueling: when the car on which the guard is aiming arrives at the gas station for refueling, the guards should stand outside the car. In the case of a driver, the driver acts as a refueling agent. The guards should investigate the surrounding situation closely outside the door of the car. Without a driver, the guards should investigate the surrounding situation closely while refueling. In addition, the gas station belongs to the high-risk area. After filling up, the guards will enter the vehicle and leave when the gas station staff are within a certain distance from the car. Generally speaking, try not to refuel in the middle of the road and fill up the car early. The door should be locked when the car is moving, especially in the urban area.
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