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Practical knowledge of security
1. What is security service?
Security service refers to the specialized security preparedness service and related service provided by enterprises and organizations established according to law in order to meet the safety needs of citizens, legal persons and other social organizations in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and relevant national rules.
2. What kind of political and professional qualities should security guards possess?
Security guards should have political qualities: love the motherland, honest and trustworthy, dedicated to work, negligence of duty, violation of discipline, collaboration, failure to observe the law and meritorious records.
The professional qualities that security guards should possess are: understanding the basic knowledge of law, relevant security management policies and rules; having a certain ability of speech, written expression and communication; having the ability to inspect, discover and dispose achievements corresponding to their post duties; having the ability to use basic fire fighting equipment, communication equipment and technical preparedness equipment. Relevant defense equipment skills; have certain defense and capture skills, that is, basic unarmed attack and defense skills, take off skills and get rid of skills.
3. What are the functions and powers of security guards?
Under normal circumstances, within the scope of security guards'service, security guards have the following powers: (1) prohibiting unauthorized personnel and vehicles from entering the service scope in accordance with the rules; (2) stopping acceptance and examination of personnel, vehicles and articles carried and loaded in and out of the service scope in accordance with the rules; (3) wearing and using them when carrying out ordinary duties. When carrying out the obligation of escort, non-lethal defense devices such as rubber sticks may be equipped with necessary weapons in accordance with the relevant rules of the State and the Ministry of Public Security; (4) the perpetrators of violations of public security administration shall have the right to dissuade, stop and criticize education, and the serious cases shall be handed over to the local public security organs for disposal; (5) homicide and release. Fire, robbery, theft and other active meritorious persons shall have the right to arrest and transfer them to public security organs, and to stop reasonable defense against the perpetrators and retaliators; (6) They shall have the right to maintain the scene, preserve evidence and maintain the sequence of the scene for the criminal and public security cases that have occurred, and to provide the public security organs with the relevant cases they understand and grasp. Conditions, assistance in investigation and punishment; (7) According to the contract rules, stop the safety preparedness of client units, assist clients in formulating rules and regulations on safety preparedness, put forward suggestions and suggestions for rectification; (8) Have the right to reflect the safety preparedness status of public security organs, provide information on law-abiding and meritorious service, cooperate with and support public security organs and other law enforcement departments. Perform official duties.
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