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How should security personnel train themselves on duty?
Many times, security personnel in the small number of occasions or security company training process, can not feel the real atmosphere of security posts, many first duty or many more occasions on duty security, have shown stage fright phenomenon. How can we overcome the stage fright problem?
Why some people can chatter endlessly in crowded occasions, while others can only incoherently, this is the embodiment of stage fright. But such behavior can be overcome in some way. Now let's listen to the opinions of professionals and see how we can overcome such problems.
1 mentality is important.
Although in the security company training process, will attach importance to the mentality of security personnel to adjust and shape, but their own stage fright problem, still presents security personnel to overcome themselves. Hold a kind of open-minded attitude, let go of oneself, ability in the duty and many people occasions, to talk and laugh freely, limbs harmony.
2 constant practice
Nowadays, many students also have stage fright. Especially when speaking English, security companies advocate that security guards who are stage frightened should be able to read more when they are free, talk to strangers in many situations, and listen to others more. They also insist on such behavior and practice. If you accumulate, you will overcome the stage fright one day.
3 make preparations.
Stage fright is due to a lack of determination, when you're ready, to anticipate the worst, and to think about emergency measures. At the edge of daily life, can also constantly fully their own, expand their own insights, improve their professional skills. This will help the security personnel to enhance their self-determination, in a large number of occasions and the process of duty will not be easy to panic, or show stage fright and other issues.
4 turn a blind eye to it.
It's necessary to have someone else in mind, but when you're there, ignore all the others and ignore the elements that make you shy. Many teachers use this tactic for their first lecture to turn a blind eye to their students, which makes the lecture more relaxed.
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