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Only when one has a correct understanding of his homework, gains self-identity and self-respect in the homework, will he pay carefully in the homework. Common sense resolution height, as long as do a good job of internal ability to complete a comprehensive breakthrough, to change the social prejudice on security operations, security companies must pay attention to the progress of the nature of the security personnel itself, optimize the personnel structure as a long-term operating policy. First, we should do well the ideological work of security guards. Guiding security guards to correctly understand their own work, changing their professional concepts, strengthening their work identity, and believing that security work is also a way to complete the work policy. Secondly, security personnel should have standard daily work etiquette. Pay attention to courtesy, standard dress, from the outside image up and down time, from their own start, with personal temperament to infect the public around, change the views of the public around. Ultimately, security guards should strengthen their own physical, cultural and moral nature of the progress, learn more new technology, new common sense, armed with the strength of common sense. Shenzhen uniform as long as so many systems together to improve, step by step, can change the whole community's prejudices on this assignment.
Five, strengthen the cultivation of theoretical personnel in security work.
From the analysis of the above {0} influence factors, we can know that a work with high level of theoretical research, theoretical talent, will be able to rely on expert discourse in the academic field to obtain more theoretical support, the construction of outstanding social atmosphere. This is also an effective way to get social recognition, expand attractiveness and create outstanding job image. The government and the security work arrangement should pay attention to the construction of the academic research units for security work, focus on cultivating a number of high-level academic units, guide more scholars to conduct theoretical research on security work, and establish academic journals for security work, so as to promote academic exchanges between domestic and foreign security theoretical experts and learn from the West together. The advanced operation concept of the party serves the work of security service in China.
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