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Preparedness for security services, security guard plan and contingency plan.
1.制定保安执勤计划和应急预案,依据合同要求,安排有关人员策划、制定保安执勤计划和应急预案,在征得客户单位承认后施行。重 大保安执勤计划和应急预案须经上级主管部门同意后,方可施行。应急预案应定时演练和弥补修改。
1. Formulate the security duty plan and emergency plan, arrange the relevant personnel to plan and formulate the security duty plan and emergency plan according to the contract requirements, and implement it after obtaining the recognition of the client unit. A major security duty plan and contingency plan must be approved by the higher authorities. Emergency plans should be regularly drills and remedial.
2.树立联络,树立保安效劳公司与客户单位的联络, 树立保安队与客户单位主管部门的联络,树立保安队与当地公安、消防等部门的联络, 树立保安效劳公司与派驻到客户单位保安队的联络, 确定向客户单位征求意见的联络方法。
2. Establish liaison between security service company and customer units, establish liaison between security team and the competent department of customer units, establish liaison between security team and local public security, fire control and other departments, establish liaison between security service company and security team stationed in customer units, and determine the liaison party to consult customer units. Law.
3. equipment and equipment
依据保安效劳合同和执勤计划,在不违背国家有关规定的状况下装备必需的被装、生活用品、防护用 具及交通、通讯设备。
According to the security service contract and the duty plan, equip the necessary clothes, daily necessities, protective equipment and traffic and communication equipment without violating the relevant provisions of the state.
4.保安员的选用,依据合同,遴派符合岗位需求的保安员。保安员的训练应以国家有关规定为前提,结合当地行政办理 对保安训练组织的训练要求进行,经查核合格后,方可派其上岗。对从事特别岗位工作的保安员,须 具有其相关知识和专业技能。
4. the selection of security guards, according to the contract, to send security personnel who meet the needs of the post. The training of security guards should be carried out on the premise of the relevant regulations of the state and in combination with the training requirements of the local administrative management for the security training organizations. After checking and verifying the qualifications, they can be assigned to the post. Security personnel engaged in special duties must have relevant knowledge and professional skills.
5. Deploy security guards to the client units, and dispatch them to the client units on time according to the contract and carry out security services.
6 查看内容,依据本规范的要求,对保安效劳和部队办理状况进行全面查核、查看。
6. Check the contents, check and check the security service and troop management status according to the requirements of this specification.
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