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1 adjust the transfer time reasonably. According to the working hours and key points of the customer's unit, the shift time is appropriate or postponed, so the night shift time is shortened, the night shift team can take full rest and more energy on duty, on the other hand, it increases the needle right of the security service and improves the work efficiency.
2 establish and improve the registration system of guard and patrol duty, view night guards and patrols as a whole, no longer division of special guards and patrols, at the same time, carry out the interchangeability method of guard duty and patrol duty, take turns patrol and turn the guard. After such adjustment, it not only avoids the long time patrols of the players. The weariness can prevent the guard from sleeping, thereby reducing the occurrence of discipline violation.]
For some larger areas, we can increase the number of patrols, patrols from time to time and off-line, scattered squat points and squat points with patrols and other methods. Previous patrols, usually limited to the internal or peripheral areas of the prevention area, are passive protection. When the personnel are sufficient, they can also take the initiative to patrol the outer edge and combine the inside and outside, so that the criminals have no opportunity to take the opportunity.
4 the method of patrolling and signing is carried out, that is, a number of signing books are set up in the key area of the customer unit and the route of the patrol must be patrolled. The patrol time and number of times are stipulated, and the patrol members are required to register in detail. In this way, it not only facilitates the inspection of duty and sentinels, but also prevents the patrolmen from cheating and "watching flowers on horseback" phenomenon, indirectly reducing the incidence of cases.
Security service places are involved in all walks of life, especially in community, office building, financial unit, factory, large trade market and other complex service units. In addition to strengthening the responsibility of the players, the way of duty should be arranged flexibly according to the specific working environment and consideration of multidimensional factors. New, do not move the dogma.
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