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Installation of safety guard windows
The burglar windows must be installed on the two floor of the first floor of family houses. Thieves are the first choice for low rise residential buildings. If there are valuables in the house, Beijing security company suggests that no matter where your house is on the ground floor, you need to install a security burglar window. The advantage of the security burglar window is that it can not only provide a deterrent for the thief, but also protect the children at home. When security burglar windows are installed, choose the security window as a whole with the wall as a flat surface. Some families choose the burglarproof window to facilitate their clothes drying. If there is too much outward appearance, first of all, the effect is not a problem. This force is also a problem. For a long time, with the fixed bolts rusting, there will be safety accidents.
The lock must be replaced
Many locks on the market are fake now, and trained thieves can be opened in a few seconds. For example, the spring lock is basically useless in thieves' eyes. It is suggested that the lock should be replaced by a leaf lock or a crescent lock, so it is very difficult for a lock to be opened as long as it is installed. Beijing security company reminds: once the personnel go out, please lock the door, otherwise the thief may use the thin slice to unlock.
Improve the safety and security awareness of family members
To do anything, it's important to have a sense of consciousness. When many families go out, they forget to pull the key. When he came back, some thieves could sneak out to match it. After a long time, he found that there were no signs of destruction in his home, but the home was stolen. Every member of the family needs to have this sense of security and theft, not to give the thieves an opportunity to take precautions against safety.
Attention should be paid to windows and doors in peacetime
If you can't live in your home for a long time, please close all the windows and turn off the power at home. If there are strangers and suspicious tracks, you can dial 110 directly. If conditions permit, cameras can be installed around residential areas and residential areas, and the deterrent effect on thieves is obvious.
The above content is a few small family burglar theft techniques introduced by Binzhou security company. In summer, it is a period of high incidence of burglary. The prevention of theft should not only increase the awareness of prevention, but also cultivate good habits.