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(1) 根据合同,确定执勤方案、门卫执勤方式及所需装备等。
(1) according to the contract, determine the duty plan, guard duty and equipment.
According to the architectural features of the entrances and exits and the flow of personnel and vehicles, the specific location of the gate posts is determined.
To determine the disposal methods of all kinds of situations and formulate a plan for handling emergencies.
(2) the gatekeeper's duty plan needs to be approved by the client unit.
(3) preparatory work
Security guards serving as gatekeeper shall dress according to the regulations and carry protective appliances approved by the public security organs. The interphone is carried on the basis of the need. There is a doorman registration book.
The implementation of the doorman's service
(1) 验证
(1) verification
逐个查证。在一般情况下,当来人距门卫2 m~3 m时,保安员应请其止步并出示证件,接过证件后先看证件的封面、再翻看主页的身份情况。要着重查验照片与持证人的相貌是否相符,印鉴单位与签发证件单位是否相符,是否过期。夜间验证时,应提高警惕,注意保护自身安全。经查证未发现问题的,归还证件并礼貌地示意放行。对拒不交验证件、证明的人员,不准其入内。发生纠纷时,及时向客户单位报告,请有关人员前来处理。
Check one by one. In general, when the person is 2 m~3 m from the guard, the security guard should ask him to stop and show his ID, and after taking the certificate, it should first look at the cover of the document and then look at the status of the home page. It is necessary to check whether the photo is consistent with the appearance of the holder, whether the seal unit is consistent with the issuing certificate unit, and whether it is expired. During the night verification, we should be vigilant and pay attention to protecting our own safety. Those who did not find any problems, returned the documents and politely indicated their release. Those who refuse to submit certificates and certificates shall not be allowed to enter them. When a dispute occurs, report to the customer unit in time and ask the relevant personnel to come to handle it.
Key inspection. When the personnel and vehicles are relatively concentrated, the security guard should stand on the side of the gate to check the documents and observe carefully, and notice the abnormalities. For undocumented personnel, vehicles, after peak after inspection, then decide whether to release.
For those who are notified in advance, the exemption objects should be exempt from inspection and release according to the vehicle number and special exemption marks.
(2) 检查
(2) examination
For those carrying in and out, the key items should be checked with prohibited items. To enter the vehicle to check whether it contains flammable and explosive dangerous goods, whether it contains unrelated personnel, unrelated personnel should be advised to get out and wait outside. For carrying out the personnel and vehicles, carefully check the carrying documents or outgoing documents, and check the names, specifications and quantities of the items in conformity with the documents. During the inspection, the inspectors should open the door, trunk and package, and check them individually or carefully. To keep a certain safety distance from the other, observe the expression of its gods, prevent the escape of the objects, the sudden drive to escape or the perpetrators, and pay attention to their own safety.
A person who finds a suspicious item should ask him politely to name the name, quantity, source and use of the items, and ask them to check and check their articles on their own, and show the relevant certificates or the certificates issued by the relevant departments, and deal with the relevant departments of the client units without formalities and refusal to check. The security guards can not search the suspicious persons, they should report to the client units or hand over to the public security organs.
(3) observation
In the process of checking and checking, we should observe the status of people, Chen Shu, behavior, expression, portability, trace and so on.