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In the event that the vehicle is damaged, the safety should be analyzed calmly: the damage of the vehicle is artificial or wear, or in the village outside, and it is still not charged. After the charge management, the owner is able to distinguish the different situation and aim at several different aspects: first, explain and solve the dispute. Some property companies and security personnel are often responsible for accidents, but it is easy to intensify contradictions. Therefore, the security personnel should have a certain understanding of the responsibilities under different circumstances, and explain to the litigants in appropriate wording and settle disputes in time.
The two is to assist vehicle owners in finding suspicious vehicles and locking infringers. With the progress of science and technology, many communities are using monitoring facilities. After the dispute, the security officer should assist the owner to find the video information of the monitoring equipment, and help the owner to lock the violation according to the video data or the parking record of the vehicle.
Timely alarm, timely help the owner to obtain evidence in time. Generally speaking, a security officer should assist the owner to report the incident and do not actively look for the injured owner. At the same time, safety officials should help owners collect evidence. It is not only convenient for the police to handle disputes, but also an important basis for insurance claims.
Therefore, the security guard should remind the owner to check the vehicle condition and record the scene with digital tools. For example, the photo functions of mobile phones and digital cameras are recorded in scraping locations and vehicle conditions. Usually the front part of the car, the rear part of the car, the friction of the area and so on. It's better to take a photo of both sides at the scene.
It is to help the owner find the corresponding insurance company. The security guard should ask the owner if there is any corresponding insurance, and notify the owner to inform the insurance company in time, and assist the owner and the insurance company to handle the claim. Coordinate contradictions. If the infringer determines, but the other party does not accept or refuses the compensation, or the owner is not satisfied with the compensation, it can coordinate and mediate between the middleman and the infringer to help settle the dispute peacefully and reach an agreement between the two parties.
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