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First, let every security guard know the security work from his heart. Although many people are engaged in this job, many people do not know the job very well, and do not understand the meaning of the job. So if you want to do the job more smoothly, you should want to make people realize the importance and significance of the work. In this respect, many security companies in Shanghai have done very well and really let people know the job of security.
Two, any skill should be paid attention to. In order to engage in a security job, all the relevant contents should be caught, rather than selectively learning something that is more important. Security personnel should accept basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills, which should be considered as a complete training teacher.
Three, according to the actual situation of each person to develop different training programs. Every one wants to engage in security personnel who have their own strengths and expertise, but also have many kinds of security, in order to better let the staff to learn the knowledge, training teachers should according to the actual situation of each person to develop training programs, such as targeted training staff will make progress very quickly. But a lot of problems in the training process is also reduced.
Four, do a good job of psychological guidance for the security personnel. The security profession may not be seen as a decent job in many people's eyes, so some security guards may have some inferiority complex themselves. These are the problems that need to be handled by the training teachers of the Shanghai security company. It is necessary to correct the mentality of the security personnel and the attitude to work in time. This is also a very important point in Shanghai security company, and is very well done.