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1, the security company introduced, determined the inspection purpose, the procedure, the method, the establishment inspection organization, the transfer inspector, arranges the inspection schedule.
2, the security service company aims to learn pertinent regulations, policies, technology and business knowledge according to the contents of the inspection, so as to improve the regulations, standards and policy level of checking the employees.
3, the security company, in order to accurately and effectively provide lightning protection security monitoring system solutions, we should first understand the system, security monitoring system and the main reason for the accurate analysis of the security monitoring system of lightning damage and possible lightning invasion way voltage. On this basis, we should choose the appropriate lightning protection device, study and discuss the reasonable placement of signal and power lines, and clarify the shielding and earthing way, so as to provide an accurate and systematic solution for lightning protection. Effectively improve the anti lightning overvoltage interference ability of the security monitoring system and optimize the overall lightning protection level of the system.
4. The front end equipment of security company security monitoring and control system, such as the camera, should be protected within the scope of the effective protection of the flashover (lightning rod or other flash conductor). For the front-end equipment that has been in the protection range of other flashover devices or high-rise buildings, the direct lightning protection can no longer be considered.