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1, explosion-proof tire. As the temperature rises, the car's tire blowout is also increasing. In summer, the temperature is high, the tire rubber is easy to soften, and the load of the banknote truck itself is large. If there is a serious tire bursts, the vehicle brake is liable to fail at high temperature, and the rain will also cause a threat to the traffic. Especially, we should pay attention to checking its working condition. So it is necessary to focus on the tires. Therefore, check the tire pressure at any time during the driving. In addition, frequently used facilities, such as wipers and air conditioners, must be carefully maintained.
2. Anti gas resistance. Due to the high temperature in summer, cooling speed limit, armored car traveling speed is slow, the engine speed is high, difficult heat dissipation, easy to appear with the air resistance of the engine, sometimes it is difficult to start a few minutes after quenching. In the event of gas resistance, the driver should stop the cooling immediately and eliminate the failure. If the car is a hydraulic brake, driving under high temperature and high speed, the brake fluid is easy to appear air gas resistance, making the brake sudden failure cause accidents.
3, prevent water shortage. High temperature weather driving, water tank and water evaporation Yun} clip, should always pay attention to check the cooling water, pay attention to water table. The cooling water should be added to the appropriate position before leaving the car. It is necessary to stop immediately when it is short of water, but not to add water immediately, and then wait for idle operation to cool up and replenish the water, and be careful not to open the radiator cover immediately, so as to prevent scalding. Pay attention to the water and oil system. In summer, gasoline is not too full. If the gas is overflowing, it will cause more serious accidents. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the state of water temperature in the course of driving. Once the water temperature is indicated to be super high, the reason should be stopped in time. When the water temperature exceeds the red guard line, it will continue to drive, which will cause the engine to overheat and even cause serious damage, such as the cylinder damage.
4, protect the lacquer surface. Attention should be paid to the protection of the paint surface of the transport truck. In summer, the temperature will increase. We must also pay attention not to let the cash truck stop directly under the direct sunlight, which will damage the paint surface of the cash truck. The paint will protect the car shell. The acid components in the rain will corrode the paint surface, and it will cause damage to the car body for a long time. The strong solar radiation in summer will also cause serious damage to the paint. Therefore, at the beginning of the summer, it is best to give the car a paint surface maintenance. A simple and effective method is waxing, and longer and more effective way is to seal, both of which can prevent paint fade ageing, thereby protecting the body from harm.
5, protect glass. The bullet proof glass of cash truck is produced by multi-layer composite process. Exposure to sunlight will shorten the service life of bulletproof glass and reduce its protective function. Therefore, the summer transport truck should be kept in a suitable place without sun drying, such as garage and shade.