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Law is the embodiment of the state's will. It is the sum of the norms of behavior, which is enacted by the state, and is guaranteed by the force of the state. Beijing security company organized security personnel to learn legal knowledge, work needs and protect their rights and interests are not infringed, so knowing, law-abiding, not illegal.
The professional law is the basis and compulsory criterion to adjust the relationship of the occupation and the relationship between a certain occupation and the society. The occupational law of security should solve the problems in the following aspects and provide security for the professionalization of the security guards.
First, we must clarify the legal status of security personnel. As a professional employee related to social security, we cannot have similar rights and obligations with the general service industry personnel.
Two is to clarify the responsibility of the security personnel, the general industry personnel only responsible for their own customers, responsible for the product, and the security personnel should have certain social responsibilities.
Three to clarify the functions and powers of the security guards. The authority is the guarantee of performing the duties. Otherwise, the security personnel are not right, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the security service. Four it is necessary to make clear the measures of occupational security and guarantee the social risk of this special occupation.
The common sense of the laws and regulations of the security company is the basic standard of the security duties. The professional quality of the security is also very important, including the moral standards are the security personnel should learn and work hard. Beijing security company is particularly strict with security. Beijing security company is the best security company because of the strict professional.
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