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One: low wages and poor welfare. In the investigation and analysis of part of the resignation security, it was found that the most important factor of determining the impact of the security of the enterprise was the low level of wage and welfare. Some experts point out that the security industry in our country has fallen into a vicious circle of low treatment that can not attract high quality personnel. Whether or not the "treatment" of social insurance has become one of the main factors in deciding whether to "job hopping" or not.
Two: the lack of space for professional development. The high and low remuneration is a factor that people pay more attention to when choosing a career, but it is not the only basis for the final decision. Some people in order to get more development opportunities, they would rather give up high salary; on the contrary, if the development is not very good, even can get higher income than peers, they will go to those who can give them a broader space for development of the enterprise to work.
Three: the lack of incentive mechanism promotion according to status. Many of the people who come to the company as security guards are excellent, some of them are veterans, some are graduating from a professional school. However, many security companies are more conservative in the system, the lack of incentive mechanism, the couple in the company is very difficult to get exceptional employment, they must start from the security guards, year to boil, rarely see the couple directly employed for the commander, the captain or the manager of the company.
Security is a service worker at the front line. It is heavy workload and hard work. Sometimes it suffers from a few customers' deliberate difficulties or even personality insults. In some squads or teams, interpersonal relationships are complex and tense, and security is generally depressed and not belonging. Although the same is to do security, but in fact, work is a light and heavy. Some xinbaoan unable to bear this pent up work environment and job hopping.
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