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What are the moral requirements of Binzhou Security Company
Morality is one of the most important factors that govern and direct people's behavior. In the operation and management of Binzhou Security Company, the essence of establishing a good moral concept is to establish professional ethics and related behavioral principles in the process of dealing with the relationship between the company and customers, enterprise instructors and ordinary workers, workers and tasks.
Establish good moral concepts in dealing with the relationship between the company and its customers
In the market economy, although the relationship between security companies and customers is market communication relationship, this communication relationship must meet the requirements of market morality and social morality, and take it as the foundation of establishing communication relationship. In dealing with the relationship between the security company and its customers, the standards of ethics should be focused on:
1. To be honest and trustworthy means to implement the contract honestly and trustfully, to tell each other the truth and the falsehood, to cooperate with each other and to support each other in the service process.
2. Quality assurance, i.e. stressing task quality and providing satisfactory service.
3. Interests divergence, that is, security companies provide high-quality security services to customers, so that customers can smoothly carry out economic activities and ensure the safety of interests; customers according to the conditions of contract requirements and practical service, timely and full ** service costs, in order to ensure the normal operation of security companies, and provide the necessary accumulation for future development.
4. Mutual respect, that is to say, the main body of economic activities between Binzhou Security Company and its customers is reciprocal, mutual assistance and active cooperation in the process of service and service acceptance unilaterally.
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