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The security company tells you the skills and methods of security operation in the lobby.
1. check the carrying items.
When you see a user carrying a large item, you should be sensitive and proactive to approach the user, politely ask the user to show the item release slip, "Sir (Miss), hello! Do you have articles for release? " After receiving the release of articles, check carefully whether to fill in according to the requirements and read the relevant parts.
Check each item carefully according to the contents listed on the release line. The following words can be used: "Would you please open the box or bag and let me check if the contents and items in it are in common?"
At the end of the examination, politely say, "excuse me, it will take up your time." "Thank you for your cooperation."
2. no time to register.
During the non working hours, users should be alert to stand up, smile and politely inquire about users.
"Right and wrong operation time, delay you a little time, please show your certificate to deal with the registration formalities."
Users are reluctant to show their credentials, and should be patient with the instructions: "Sorry, for the sake of safety, you can not go upstairs without valid credentials, please register!"
When the user delivers the certificate, he should stand up and hand in hand to receive and deliver the user's certificate. After registration, he should say "Thank you for your cooperation".
In case of operation convenience, users can press the elevator.
When two or more employees of the same company enter an office building, they must register at least two persons; when they leave the office, they may register only one person in the interval, but the gender and number of employees should be indicated in the notes.
3. users have no registration or no registration, and they are forced to work upstairs.
For users who need to return to the company without a pass to work overtime, contact the company's liaison person and make a decision after consulting. If the liaison is accompanied by overtime work, the foreman on duty will accompany him upstairs. After the supervision unlocks and enters the room, he will notify the monitoring center to strengthen the monitoring.
Users who are forced to work overtime upstairs with non-cooperative registration should notify the foreman immediately and the monitoring center should be notified of video recording to check whether the key is open. If the foreman fails to handle the case, he can contact the company's contact person by telephone for comment. When you encounter this kind of homework, you must be patient and restrained.
4. suspicious persons.
Be good at observing and observing, and be sensitive to bad situations. When you admit that it is a salesman, you must persuade him to leave the building: "please leave the building.
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