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Four taboos in security operation of Binzhou security company
Security personnel in the security operation, to properly handle various problems, which requires us to use the correct approach. The following four points of taboo in duty require you to pay more attention.
Taboo 1, avoid illegal operations; on duty operations, illegal operations can be said to be one of the important reasons to bring resistance to security operations, violations of many content, such as violations of the company's rules and regulations, customer management system and so on. Violations not only harm the interests of companies and customers, but also cause trouble to themselves, or bring personal safety damage.
Taboo 2, avoid excitement; on duty, some security guards are very simple excitement, three words are not correct, they rage, take excessive action. At this point the captain needs to talk sincerely, in a sincere tone, to persuade each other, to deal with calmly, to move each other with the truth, rather than to solve the problem on purpose.
Taboo 3, avoid rude language; on duty, whether to receive visitors or deal with emergencies, do not use polite language, or use rude methods to communicate. Otherwise, the contradiction will be intensified, and homework will be forced to affect the smooth operation of the work. It can be seen that good expressions and polite expressions are very important for solving problems in homework.
Taboo 4, avoid independent action; on duty, do not ask for reports, and do things alone and privately, which is the most taboo homework, heroism will often form unexpected consequences. When suspicious persons or perpetrators are found on duty, the best way is to contact the team or squadron managers first and act after receiving assistance, so that the mission can be carried out safely and smoothly, and personal safety can be guaranteed.
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