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How do security personnel defend themselves?
For every security guard, in order not to be injured in the performance of obligations or obligations, there are a lot of things to pay attention to in self-defense. For example, it is very important to take away the weapon. Generally speaking, in some cases, when a gangster is injured, there will be knives, daggers, sticks and so on. When security guards encounter this kind of thing, they should take different measures against the weapon. Assuming it is a dagger, the security guard must first calm down not to blindly attack the gangsters, after the angle and time to choose the attack, arbitrary disposal, as long as there is a slight advantage to attack the gangsters, but also can not allow themselves to be injured.
If it's a stick, it's important to see where the gangster wants to attack, and then quickly move away. When the gangster sweeps the stick, it's important to take the chance to be attacked, and then take the club from the gangster. Suppose the gangsters throw things to you to dodge in time, if necessary, can lie down to stop rolling in action, the key time to stop attacking the gangsters, but can not blindly avoid.
It is very important for security guards to fully use the terrain when they stop fighting. Under different circumstances, security personnel may take different precautions:
1. In our weak situation, we must first analyze the surrounding environment, choose a safe terrain, you can lean against the wall, and treat gangsters to be timely, accurate, ruthless.
2. If the corridor and other places are relatively narrow and long, then you can use the corner, the location of the exit, surprising victory.
3. If in a relatively open area, the amount of personnel activity is very small, then you can use one-sided fist and foot cooperation, can also use the brick and stone on the ground to stop the attack on the gangsters. In fact, sometimes we can use mind tactics to deal with gangsters, with eyes can deter the other side, let the other side fear, so that we can find a good opportunity to succeed.
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