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Duties of security guards in car parks
1. Protect the order of traffic order, do a good job in fire prevention, theft prevention, damage prevention and other operations, strictly control safety.
2. Be on duty at night and be on guard. Especially for vehicles leaving at 23:00 p.m. in the future, check carefully and make "three comparisons": check driver's license, driving license and identity card, find abnormal conditions, and timely obstruction and report.
3. To enter the parking lot of vehicles to specify the parking address, verify whether there is a lack of conditions, and do a good job of specific records, fill out the form, and then advise the owner to let it verify on the spot, the owner's signature can be accepted.
4. Do a good job of charging parked vehicles into the parking lot, and the car charges and publication, not to harm the public and private, use their own work convenience for personal gain, will be punished as soon as possible.
5. Carefully and carefully do the verification work for the vehicles leaving the parking lot, and release them only when they are in a certain condition. If the verification finds out the irregular procedures and suspicious conditions, immediately conduct inquiries, barriers, and timely report.
6. do not learn to drive a car, ride a bicycle or ride a motorcycle in the garage, and allow no idle personnel to stop at the garage.
7. Careful study of legal knowledge, careful study of the hotel system and some of the rules, enhance the concept of the legal system, law-abiding, honest and upright.
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