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Following the institutionalized and standardized management of the company, the overall nature of the army and the service of the company's security services continue to improve, Shijiazhuang security company security services are increasingly trusted by customers: the public security organs have strengthened the reorganization and handling of self-reported arrangements, which are conducive to our company's further development. However, there is no denying that with the development of society, the demand for security services is getting higher and higher. At present, from the level of management to the nature of service, there is still a great distance from the requirements of society, so we must have a clear understanding that in the work, we must adhere to the outstanding mental state.
To uphold an outstanding mental state, we must enhance our understanding of service. "Guarantee the safety of one party" is the lifeline of the security operation livelihood and development, is the responsibility of the security operators, we must be based on their own duty, love work, hard work, and truly safeguard the safety of customers, put customer safety in the first place, truly customer support does not support, satisfaction, safety and insecurity as a measure of each The basic yardstick of personal performance.
In the past few years, we have established the responsibility system of target handling in accordance with the tasks and requirements of security operations. After ISO world certification, we have effectively promoted the deepening of security operations. However, in the process of development, new situations and new problems continue to emerge, we must have innovative understanding, and strive to explore new ideas to solve new problems, as long as this, security operations can be carried out steadily.
Insisting on the outstanding mental state, we must enhance the striving for first-class knowledge. In our homework, we must adhere to high standards, strict requirements, to uphold and carry forward the "advanced on the creation, see the advanced on the struggle" hard. We have put forward clear requirements and specifications for all levels of work. All departments, teams, classes and security guards are basically required to carefully arrange and carry out their work. However, there are still some phenomena that can not be deepened, superficial, perfunctory and easy to get along with, which affect the development of security operations.
Insisting on the outstanding mental state must be carried out for the next time. Insisting on the outstanding mental state, we must grasp the implementation and the actual effect for the next time. We must never engage in formalism and play a fancy role. We must establish a thinking that has the final say, the determination, the drastic and continuous fighting.

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