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As a service to the economic and social development, the protection of social security and stability of the security operation is beyond exception. In practice homework, thinking homework is simpler and more formalized than the more operational physical, technical and other aspects of professional training homework, and is often overlooked. Some of the security managers often assume that "doing thinking is too weak and space". Some security practitioners seek turnover and profit unilaterally, and pay little attention to the thinking and operation of security guards.
Security guards'thinking work has been different from the previous preaching duck filling, but pay more attention to humanistic concern and mental guidance. Respecting people's main position, protecting legitimate interests, satisfying multiple needs, and fulfilling self-worth are the first keys to do a good job of security guards'thinking in the future. As a result, security managers should do the following in addition to learning to care for security guards.
1. learn to respect. The security officer is the subject and companion of the equivalent, not the subordinate.
2. learn to know. To know more about the work days of the security guards and to think about them.
3. learn to trust. Give full confidence to the security guards and keep a strong communication base.
4. learn to listen. Listen to the demands and ideas of the security guards to respond reasonably; five is to learn to praise. Give timely praise and praise for the strengths and achievements of the security guards.
(Only by grasping the thinking homework can the other aspects of homework, such as training, play a real role)