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First, it is not suitable for the strict daily management of the security forces
The new team members have just left their parents' indulgence. Compared with the unrestrained at home, the strict management of the company will make many new players feel unwell.
Countermeasures: the backbone of the team should be actively guided, conscientiously do a good job of transmission, help and work, and let the new players slowly understand that since the job is chosen, the security role should be entered as soon as possible, and the rules and regulations of the company should be strictly observed. Secondly, we should develop good personal habits. The cultivation of good habits is not the best, not only an orderly atmosphere, but also the need for self-restraint, self pressure, and perseverance.
Two. Do not adapt to the tense work and the rhythm of life
Security team work, fast pace of life, many new players appear nervous, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and other conditions, emotional fluctuations, not only affect the daily work of second days, but also to the health of the health.
Countermeasures: first, the new members should be familiar with the work and life rules of the security team as soon as possible. Although the life of the unit is intense, it is orderly and regular. As long as we are familiar with the work and life procedures and rules of the unit, we can be busy, not messy, tight and orderly. Second, the idea of time is strong. As the saying goes, one step slowly and slowly, if everything is done ahead, it will gradually adapt to the tense life rhythm of the detachment. Third is to learn to relax, self decompression, do work and rest.
Three, do not adapt to the environment far away from relatives
It is a common psychological phenomenon that some new members suddenly leave their warm families and familiar networks of interpersonal relationships, which inevitably lead to feelings of homesick and loneliness. But too much homesickness is harmful to their growth and progress, and often leads to listless work, training and learning.
Countermeasures: first of all, we must consciously overcome the homesickness, slowly adapt to social life, learn to live in the collective and integrate into large groups. Secondly, we should carry out emotional transfer. Focus on your work and study training and distract your homesickness.
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