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Firmly obey the leadership of the boss, conscientiously understand the implementation of the company's management strategy and work instruction spirit, and carry out the actual work in the post, always keep the interests of the company in the first place. We should adhere to the policy of public security management of "prevention mainly and combination of prevention and control", always educate and request the players, and strictly require themselves to strengthen the inspection of the project site. Actively cooperate with public security departments to crack down on illegal activities in and around the market. Responsible for publicity, guidance and supervision of public security and fire protection work in the market. Do a good job of fire safety training. Security department personnel post security department set up as follows: Security captain security monitor security monitor (compulsory fireman) 13 posts and personnel: two shifts value post, at any time patrol.

Be familiar with the job responsibilities and monitoring equipment of this post, be able to master the operation and performance of various facilities, operate strictly according to the prescribed procedures, love all the equipment of the monitoring center, and keep it clean and clean. Fill in the duty record carefully, register all kinds of situations that happen and handle on duty, and make clear and handle the handover formalities when transferring. When we are on duty, we must stick to our posts, be vigilant, conscientiously observe and record carefully, do not do things irrelevant to work, strictly prohibit dozing on duty, and strictly avoid taking off posts.
Responsible for the four prevention work of fire prevention, anti-theft, explosion-proof and anti destruction, and maintain the public order within the scope. Formulate and improve departmental rules and regulations. In the daily work in the specific implementation of the operation. We must strictly enforce public security management, and do well in relevant registration, 24 hours a day's inspection, in and out of goods and personnel inspection. Strict fire management, implementation of fire responsibility system, and timely elimination of fire hazards. We must strictly abide by the secrets, not disclose the status of the equipment, the scope of monitoring, the shortcomings of the equipment and so on. No visitors are allowed to enter the room without permission. Photos and videos are strictly prohibited without permission. No one on duty is allowed at night.