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One, conservatives. Such people are lack of pioneering and innovative spirit and enterprising spirit. They are satisfied with the status quo and do nothing in the face of difficulties. On the higher level to work, just go, not to live hard, some even go.
Two, the private desire is more serious. This kind of people on the first for his sake, not the overall situation. "Just look at the food in your own bowl." Regardless of others abandoned, please go in front, after work.
Three. These people say more and do less. Like love, good at leading investment, curry favour by claptrap, good. At work in engineering for their appearance do things carelessly, whitewash, cheat honor.
Four. A dictatorial special. Such kind of people take "ego" as the center, go their own way, do not listen to others' opinions and suggestions, act arbitrarily and be above the collective leadership. There is no concept of unity, the work attitude is brutal and rough.
五、拉帮结派者。这类人在形式上虽然与一部分队员“团结”了起来,但却原则而不 顾,工作主观随意较强。是制约队伍发展的主要因素,终导致整体上的不协调和个体的“小堡垒”主义。 六、法制观念淡薄者。这类人法制意识淡薄,对各项规章制度置之度外,不会用法律和纪律规范自己的言行举止,容易发生违法乱纪行为。
Five, those cliques. Although these people are united with some of their players in form, they ignore principles, and their work is subjective and arbitrary. It is the main factor that restricts the development of the team, and finally leads to the overall incompatibility and individual "small fortress" doctrine. Six, the idea of the legal system is weak. Such people are weak in legal consciousness and are out of rules and regulations. They will not use law and discipline to regulate their behavior and conduct themselves, and it is easy to violate the law and discipline.
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