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(1) the implementation of the guidelines should be severe. In the performance of the standard, in a timely manner to promote the standard interpretation work, for most of the staff's understanding and support, always adhere to the leadership and the masses, cadres and employees are equal, in violation of the rules, are to be exactly as it should be. Security guards should abide by the exemplary standards, from friends to, do not lead others into the important part of relations, shall not make materials shall not be leaked to others without payment, involving secret matters such as customer unit, key parts, important equipment, security equipment, security guard plan, more not to shelter the suspect or indulgence with the suspect to collude with each other, common crime.
(2) the examination of the homework should be meticulous. Careful inspection should be taken seriously when examining the documents and checking the goods and materials carried by the vehicles, materials and personnel. Security guards are not allowed to ignore any doubt on duty. The security guard on the balance of payments personnel, materials and vehicle key should be as much as possible to remember its characteristics, such as height, size, Miao (like triangular eyes, thick eyebrows, long face, pock, etc.), in the habit of walking and standing posture (like the lame, bandy legs etc.), and with the size of goods the shape, color, vehicle models, trademarks and so on, in order to provide convenience for the needs of the query or besieged.
(3) it is very sensitive to deal with problems. When dealing with issues are longer than the difference of standards, and non standard problems, then according to the different nature of the problem to adopt a different approach. It is necessary for us to strictly check on standard problems; we should not be too entangled with non standard problems, so as to avoid too much energy and influence the handling of standard problems.
(4) to improve the ability to deal with emergency situations. In the service of a variety of unexpected events, to calm the calm, sensitive treatment.
(5)要文明执勤。执勤时有必要按规则着装,留意风纪,做到服装整齐,仪表规矩,精神饱满,情绪和蔼,礼貌待人。就事公道,坚持准则,以理服人,尽职尽责,热忱服务;禁绝擅离职守,禁绝闲谈打闹,禁绝干么活,禁绝酗酒吸烟,禁止刁难人、打谩骂、凌辱品格、侵略人权。 你,总有一天GOOGLE会干掉你,搜索引擎会干掉你!
(5) be civilized on duty. On duty when necessary according to the rules of dress, pay attention to discipline, be neat, instrument rules, full of spirit, emotional kind, polite. To be fair, adhere to the guidelines, reasoning, conscientious, dedicated service; prohibited AWOL, Ban Ban chat slapstick, do you live, abstain from alcohol and smoking ban, difficult, abuse, humiliation, aggression and character of human rights. You, one day GOOGLE will kill you, the search engine will kill you!
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