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First, when the earthquake occurs, we should avoid and escape first, and wait until the shaky stops to go out. Do not stand in the middle of the room while avoiding it, and should seek shelter in time. When evacuating, you should take the stairs and not take the elevator.
Two, the vehicle on fire: fire vehicles to timely alarm, then to make full use of the vehicle fire extinguisher fire extinguishing equipment or no positive self-help, insufficient number of fire fighting equipment, clothes, quilts and other materials can be used to fire.
Three. When the subway fails, we should pay attention to the artificial broadcasting of the subway and listen to the unified command and guidance of the staff and evacuate along the prescribed direction. It is better to use wet clothes, towels, masks and other fabrics to nose, go against the wind and do not breathe deeply.
Four. When the boat is drowning, you should quickly wear a life jacket and send out a rescue signal. Unless otherwise could not abandon the ship. Once the ship is abandoned, he should face the wind, fold his arms in front of his chest, press the life jacket, and cover his mouth and nose dive.
Five, high-rise fire: don't escape into the elevator, use the stairs in an emergency. When the floor is high, it can be used to tear the fabric sheets, curtain and other fabrics into a load-bearing cloth cord, and to escape from the fire free layer on the components of windows or balconies. When all the channels are cut off, the best refuge is the toilet.
Six, food poisoning: we should immediately call for help from the emergency center 120, then use the fingers and chopsticks to stimulate the tongue root to urge vomiting, and drink plenty of warm boiled water or dilute brine to reduce the absorption of toxins.
Seven, when hijacked: the most important thing is to keep calm as far as possible, not to do meaningless struggle. At the same time, to observe the characteristics of the hijackers, was rescued after the detection of cases clues or win.
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