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1. According to the situation and protection of the scene
(1) the original scene: before the case occurred to the inspection, there were no changes and destruction, still in the scene of the crime.
(2) change the scene: after the occurrence of the case, natural or man-made reasons led to some or all changes in the scene, and the traces and material evidence left by the criminals were damaged to varying degrees.
(3): fake field criminals in the crime, in order to destroy the evidence, to avoid combat, a planned destination site to be forged, attempt to transfer or shift to reconnaissance sight, against the need for some others; and, to system fraud site. However, no matter how the criminals are cunning, they will inevitably cause changes in objective things as long as they commit crimes. In fact, the contradiction between committing crimes and covering up crimes can not be overcome.
2. The main and secondary points of the place of criminal activity
(1) the site of the center: the place where the criminals commit a case.
(2) outside scene: that is, outside the center of the scene, where the crime may be related to the traces and objects.
3. According to the order of criminal offenders, they can be divided into the first, second, and even third, and fourth sites.