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1, the magical eye.
"The eye is the window of the mind". Security personnel must use their eyes flexibly when fighting against criminals. Many of the best security personnel are very focused on their eyes trained to use the eye to reflect the strategic and tactical grappling, play a deterrent role, the other party to produce a fear, fear mentality, in order to quickly capture fighters.
First of all, you should look at any subtle change of the other's eyes through the eyes, so that you can get yourself a psychological advantage. If the observed eyes can not accurately change each other's psychological and technical action, you will not be able to respond, in action will always be slower than the other, this is very bad for yourself. So the observation of a gangster is the first function of the eye in a fight. In the fast motion transformation, it is not easy to make the corresponding response and action quickly. In peacetime, we should pay attention to the exercise of eye work and develop fast response and strain ability.
2, skillfully playing psychological warfare.
Psychological activities dominate all other activities of human beings. The mental quality of security personnel directly affects their strategies when they fight against criminals.
When facing the opponent, the security personnel must be calm, resourceful and decisive, and then adopt flexible strategies according to the specific circumstances of the locality and the situation of the suspects themselves. Criminals are often quite tense in crime, so security personnel should firmly grasp the criminal psychological weakness, the other is the inner confusion, we will be more calm, using the method of delay time to exert greater psychological pressure to each other, so that we can find the optimal.
保安人员应该注意观察犯罪分子的细微的变化,如犯罪嫌疑人神态呈现犹豫不安、神态恐慌、左顾右盼,又迟迟不见攻击动作,这就说明他们底气不足了。这时要立即采用各种手段和策略,使其犯罪终止或将其制服。 要一抓到底,抓出成效,真正把文件上写的、会议上定的落实到实处。
Security personnel should observe the criminal's subtle changes, such as the criminal suspect was present uncertain, look panic, look around, they still have not seen the attack action, which means they lack of confidence. At this time, a variety of means and strategies should be adopted so that the crime will be terminated or uniformed. We should grasp the end to the end, grasp the results, and truly implement the documents and the meetings.
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