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Countermeasures 1: to establish the idea of "people-oriented" and to pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture. People without culture are called illiterates, and enterprises without culture are called blind. The characteristic of the service industry is to establish its own unique enterprise culture. In fact, the enterprise culture is based on the human based management. The so-called humanistic management is simply the human centered humanized management. The central idea is to fully respect every employee. Only satisfactory employees can bring satisfied customers.
The product that the security company provides to the customer is the security service. Therefore, the implementation of human management is the inevitable choice of the security company. How the company treats its employees and how the employees treat their customers. The famous Vanke property is put forward: "there are satisfactory employees first, and then satisfied customers".
Demand: our services "continue to surpass the growing expectations of customers". Therefore, the security company should introduce some advanced management concepts from the property company, and strive to achieve "three satisfaction" among the owners, security guards and customers in the work. Only in this way, can the security company stand at the front end of the market and continue to grow and thrive.
Countermeasures two: the implementation of diversified operations to broaden the space for the professional development of security guards. The company provides a personal development plan for the security guards to assist the security guards in learning all kinds of knowledge and skills, especially professional knowledge and skills. Through personal career development plan, each security guard can evaluate his skills and consider the needs of company development, so that his expertise and development direction will meet the needs of company change. Through this continuous personal development program, it helps the security guards to adapt to the needs of the company's multifaceted work and future development.
Countermeasures three: formulate the salary system that is in line with the development of the enterprise, and gradually improve the wages and welfare of the security guards. At this stage, work is still an important means for most people to make a living.
Since it is to make a living, people have to consider the problem of income. Job hopping is the inevitable choice when the pay of the security guards does not match the returns they get. In addition, the company can provide more reasonable or competitive salary through security guards, and it can also improve the opportunity cost of security staff job hopping and effectively curb the loss of security personnel. At the same time, high salary can also attract foreign talents to join. In the salary design, the enterprise should do its best to achieve "three fair" (fair, fair, fair). If the salary is too low or the salary design is unreasonable to cause a lot of staff loss, for the enterprise, it is absolutely a failure.
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