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Four Steps to Prepare and Manage Security Tasks
1. A set of rules and regulations of the team. According to the summary conditions of community planning, public security situation and population factors, the key points are to focus on the safe community, public security prevention, case control and the public's heart rate, and refine the operational norms to ensure the implementation of various operational measures.
2. Army operation to improve the essence of the security forces. Doing well the operation and training of security forces is an important guarantee to improve the essence and combat effectiveness of security forces. First, community security personnel are in place. The public security sub-bureau should match up with four security personnel in each community according to the requirements, and the village security personnel should also be in place according to the actual situation. Secondly, divergent operation of security operations. At the beginning of on-the-job duties, there should be differences (including on-the-job hours). Personnel on-the-job should implement a two-shift system to improve the quality of useful work. There should be absolute divergence (including supervision) in the attendance and inspection of security personnel. The public security sub-bureau should draw up a superstitious and feasible operation plan and implement divergent operation.
3. Increase investment to stabilize the security forces. It is necessary to use market economy to do security operation well, which is conducive to the stability and weakness of security forces, the mutual restriction and encouragement of responsibilities, powers and interests. It is necessary to properly improve the treatment of security personnel and arouse their enthusiasm and inventiveness in operation. Therefore, the government should add input, and after that, each community has organized four security officers to conduct night patrols.
4. Mobile teams to improve the disposal ability of emergency affairs. After rigorous pre-job training, Dongguan Security Company properly equipped with necessary equipment, set up a mobile team, set up a rapid response of the engine, useful to improve the disposal ability of emergency matters.
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