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Fire safety guidelines and treatment to be understood by security guards
Security personnel learn fire safety standards, grasp common knowledge of fire safety, facilitate timely detection of customer problems, and put forward professional fire safety treatment, danger inspection and rectification suggestions, so as to better improve the overall safety service for customers.
1. Personnel who are required to declare to the public security fire control organization in accordance with the law before the use and opening of densely populated places, or whose alteration, expansion, decoration and alteration should be reported to the public security fire control organization for approval in accordance with the law, shall declare to the local public security fire control organization in advance and handle the administrative approval formalities.
2. No illegal construction shall be built around the building, no fire-fighting spacing, no fire-fighting passage, no elevation of the fire-fighting vehicle working site, no overhead pipelines or billboards that affect fire fighting or shield smoke-exhaust windows (outlets) shall be set up.
3. Personnel-intensive workshops should not be combined with class A, class B workshops and warehouses and placed next to each other; in addition to production and processing workshops with dense staff, personnel-intensive workshops should not be combined with class C, D, E workshops and warehouses; and production and processing workshops with dense staff should not be placed on the upper part of class C, D, E workshops and warehouses.
4. Personnel-intensive places should not alter fire zones and fire protection facilities without authorization, and reduce the burning function grade of decorative materials. The construction of interior decoration should not change the opening direction of the dispersed door, reduce the number and net width of the safe exit and dispersed exit, and affect the safe dispersed dredging.
5 the construction of production workshop and storehouse shall not be allowed to set up staff dormitory.
Fire prevention inspections should include the following:
Whether there is any violation of fire and electricity consumption;
Whether the safe exit and dispersed passage are dredged, whether there is lock-up, whether there are safety dispersed indication signs and emergency lighting are not missing;
Whether the normally closed fire door is in a closed state, and whether the fire shutter is stacked or not;
Whether fire facilities and devices are in good use or not. Whether the fire safety signs are clear or not;
The status of personnel in key parts of fire safety;
Other fire safety conditions.
6. Fire prevention inspection should be carried out regularly, every post should be done once a day, every department should be done once a week, and every unit should be done once a month.
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