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Deployment and security of security services in security service companies
Determine a professional image, personnel factor is the top. As far as personal factors are concerned, they mainly include three aspects: the security personnel's understanding of their own work, the security personnel's image crisis public relations ability and the nature of the security personnel themselves. These factors directly affect the image of the largest public security personnel.
Some security personnel themselves do not have the right emotions, their sense of job security is low, work does not love, disrespect for the negative thinking directly lead to negative effects.
Because the quality of security personnel recruitment is limited, security companies also ignore the training of security personnel, the public image of crisis public relations is not strong security. Some security personnel work in bad mood, simple and rough operation methods, but also simple constitute a conflict between safety and customers. Once the security image crisis happens, the security companies of all parties are at a loss, medical treatment, missed the best period of crisis recovery, eventually led to the escalation of the crisis, has become a social hot issue, affecting the overall image of security arrangements.
Before the enactment of the regulations, there was a lack of specific provisions on the conditions of security personnel for a long time in China. In practice, there was also a lack of inspection on the conditions of security personnel, and the qualifications of security practitioners were in the form. When recruiting security personnel, some security companies only pay attention to age, height, health, education requirements as long as junior high school graduates. Some problems of security personnel, such as low cultural essence, indifferent legal awareness, slack arrangement, etc.
Attractive assignments must have a sound theoretical system to discuss, to develop the idea of assignments, to discuss in detail the orientation of assignments, assignments, standards, there will be some special academic discussion group on assignments, on the job career planning, the president to the job vision analysis. The social atmosphere of homework is determined to provide an active environment for homework. But from the current situation, as long as a small number of scholars on the safety industry and safety operations as a rated hobby for discussion, the researchers entered the theoretical discussion of low-level, large-scale, academic exchanges, academic discourse does not constitute a blocking alliance. In addition, there is little research on industrial safety and security in terms of operation and theory, as long as the "Safety of China" professional magazine launches columns and special planning to discuss safe operation. Without scientific theories to guide practice, it will play an important role in the development of security operations and security.
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