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How to identify problems in enterprise security operation
The problem is reflected in the security operation and effectiveness of the various links of practice, including the following aspects in detail:
1., we need to find problems in thin links. Thin links are the simplest link in security operations, the most problematic and hostile links. Shanghai security managers should be aware of this. For example, the security mall pioneering, the quality of effectiveness of the problem, physical anti-aging equipment hardware, security personnel to lose the problem, staff safety awareness, competitors, the problem should be focused on.
Through the problem handling, make the weaknesses become stronger, and the security operation can be carried out as a whole. Otherwise, the "100-1=0" and weak links will greatly affect the quality and efficiency of security operations in Shanghai.
2., look for problems before success. If a security or technical defense project for an important event is well completed, there may be employees who simply seize the mood of arrogance, or even relax their own requirements, resulting in some incidents. Security managers should keep a clear mind on this, recruit staff to strengthen the summary, and dig deep into some thin and delicate problems.
3., we need to find problems in key parts. The security manager should be good at catching the key points, including key links, key employees, etc. Because problems in key links often damage the entire security business. For example, the security of large-scale events where the most simple key link to the problem, to do on-the-spot investigation and risk assessment. If there are any special requirements for residence, route and vehicle in the operation of personal security, the corresponding arrangements should be made in advance and carefully.
4., we need to find problems at the joint point. Security effectiveness process is interlinked, there are many parts and parts between or between employees and employees. Once there are errors in coordination and coordination, the combination point is very simple. For example, the work in succession inform, Shanghai security and other parts of a certain activity to deal with the problem, the Ministry of Human Resources Defense and the Ministry of Technology and Defense to consider the planning of the angle of operation and connection issues.
5., we need to find problems in the implementation process. Sometimes the process of job fulfillment is the process of dealing with problems. In dealing with security, attention should be paid not only to the completion of the policy, but also to the problems existing in the planning, arrangement, implementation, inspection and summary links. Each link should be solid, detailed and strictly required. Only in this way can the process of completing the policy be regarded as the process of dealing with the problem.
6., we need to go to the scene to find problems. Security managers should not only listen to leadership arrangements and staff statements in the office or conference room, but also go to the security operation site and the site where customers can bear the effectiveness. They should walk, watch, check, ask and chat more frequently to start on-site processing. Only by touching the terminals adequately, security managers are able to identify practical problems in security handling and effectiveness, and adopt targeted approaches in a timely manner.
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