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(embarrassment in shortage of personnel, errors in Ideological knowledge, lack of training guarantees, decline in training requirements)
1., the embarrassment of staff shortage.
The profit of security service enterprises in China is not high, and the salary and welfare of employees are low. As a result, security practitioners lose quickly, security posts are few, objectively making security training difficult to start. At that time, security service companies were faced with the difficulty of recruiting people, often with business and few people, the shortage of personnel was a prominent problem. This has led to security services companies naturally assigning new receivers to business jobs rather than training classes.
2. thought knows the error. Knowledge of security training varies from top to bottom. Some local leaders did not know the promotion of training to the operation, and did not grasp the training of security. Some focus on just having someone on duty, without noticing the intrinsic bumps and their impact on efficiency. Some people only saw the input of security training, and could not see the output of security training.
3. lack of training guarantee. From the point of view of material resources and financial resources, security training is not guaranteed. On the one hand, training organizations have poor material conditions. This situation is mainly manifested by the lack of educational equipment, the weak strength of teachers, the low level of education and management. Among them, most of the educational places and equipment are screened when other campuses move to the new campus, basically in the original state. On the other hand, there is a lack of funds. Some security training centers only focus on economic benefits, rarely invest funds to complete a virtuous circle, can not meet the needs of cultivating high-quality security personnel.
4. decline in training requirements. The Ministry of Public Security has drawn up a "Training and Education Program for Security Officers (Trial Implementation)", which clearly demands that security officers at all levels must learn and grasp the theory and technology of separation, while some local requirements have dropped in Peizhou. On the one hand, it is impossible to conduct regular business counseling and periodic quality evaluation because there is no training quality evaluation organization for security guards and no teachers with rich educational experience.

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