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1. Strengthening the education of responsibility is the basis
The education of responsibility and execution should first focus on the education of ideal and belief, guide the security guard to set up the correct world outlook, life outlook, values, increase the spiritual power to fulfill the responsibility, guide it to abide by its duty, love the post and dedication, and selfless dedication. Through publicity and education activities such as colorful newspaper, newspaper and essay, speech contest, enhance the sense of responsibility of security personnel.
2, the backbone should take the lead
The management backbone of the security team should be brave enough to shoulder responsibilities, dare to take up responsibilities and perform duties. In this way, the power of execution will be greatly enhanced. Dare to take responsibility, there are two layers of meaning: first, be brave to assume their own responsibilities, conscientiously from their own body to find out the reasons, not to find some excuses; two is to correctly deal with the difficulties and problems in the work, the dares to be responsible for their own work, problems, measures to take measures to prevent the expansion of the situation.
3, we should work hard on the management system of personnel
In the management system, combined with the characteristics of the industry, from the grass-roots to the high level, different levels and steps are carried out, and the ordinary players and managers are distinguished from the managers, each has their own emphasis.
Through the following ways: one is caring, considerate of security guards, establishing feelings and harmonious interpersonal relations with them; two is to eliminate the habit of the circle, the division of labor is fair and reasonable, the job promotion is fair competition, and the three is the integrity and the soldiers. In this way, it not only enhances the responsibility of the security guards, let the security guards feel comfortable and work enthusiastically, but also improves the executive power of the security guards, and is more conducive to the harmony and stability of the security team.
4, the key to correct guidance and management is the key
To cultivate and improve the sense of responsibility and execution, leaders at all levels should play a leading role. "Leadership" has two responsibilities, one is "collar" and the other is "guidance". The so-called "collar" is to give full play to the model and lead role of the leadership, in particular the security and the leader, as the leadership of the grass-roots level.
The so-called "guide" is to grasp the direction and the overall situation on the basis of "leading", solve all kinds of contradictions and problems encountered in the work of security and detention in time, correct the errors and mistakes, and actively guide the security guards to work in accordance with the rules and regulations, and keep high vigilance in accordance with the standard, so as to guarantee the safety of the work of detention. All.
5, establish a reasonable salary management system
In addition to paying high attention to the ideological education and value guidance of the security guards, a stable and well developed security enterprise should set up a reasonable salary management system and play a reasonable role in the management of compensation in order to promote the improvement of the responsibility and execution of the security personnel.
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