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There are many types of security, hotel security, community security and campus security, of course, and the security company to introduce you today the security of security - security. We always meet them in the corporate building or in the waiting hall of the train. Actually, their tasks are much heavier than we think. Now let's take a detailed look at the meaning of security inspection and talk about the significance of security inspection.
Enterprise security security inspection (hereinafter referred to as security security inspection) refers to the use of scientific and technical inspection equipment, instruments and other security inspection services to the customer by security personnel. Its meaning has a broad and narrow sense. In a broad sense, it refers to all kinds of security checks carried out by enterprise security in the process of security service. In a narrow sense, in a specific area, the use of high-tech detection devices by the security and security players of enterprises to safeguard the safety of the people's life and property and the safety of public facilities is carried out by the security and security players of the enterprise. Technical and safety checks for packages and objects are mandatory.
There are three main types of security classification: one is divided from the functional nature of the industry, such as civil aviation security inspection, subway security inspection, port security inspection, passenger security inspection and so on. Two is from the physical characteristics of the security inspection objects, such as human security inspection, certificate security inspection, carry goods and cargo security inspection, and the three is from the security inspection means, namely technical and non technical. Operation. Technology is to use X ray technology, Raman spectrum analysis, terahertz detection technology, millimeter wave imaging technology, biological detection technology and so on. Non technical, that is, security inspectors use visual, tactile, smell, inquiry and other ways of safety inspection; look at international and domestic security inspection, technical The combination of non technical and effective technology is the best choice for security inspection, which is in line with objective and practical requirements for security inspection.
The use of security inspection in China was first produced in the early 80s of last century, during the period of reform and opening up, and the period of great economic development. In order to ensure the economic development results and prevent all kinds of disruptive acts, the inspection work is first applied to China's civil aviation. After entering this century, with the further development of the national economy and various exchanges, trade and other activities, security and security work began to appear.
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